I got together again with model Midas I Write (MM#1564051) for another shoot. He wanted to do something with an octopus tentacle coming out of his hair. He also has these cool star tattoos which we wanted to incorporate into the piece, so the name Poseidon just flowed out naturally from this. Shooting Info I […]

Daniel Fashion – Lightroom Tutorial

This is pretty long-overdue, and I apologize. I wanted to show you guys how I got that cool effect on Daniel’s fashion shoot. Here’s my RAW, straight out of the camera photo brought in to lightroom. As you can see, I specifically lit the scene with this post-processing technique in mind. If you take any […]


Last weekend I went out to do a fashion shoot with Daniel (aka Midas iWrite) (MM#1564051). We had a great time. I wanted to get a very masculine, harsh look to the series, and I think we achieved that very well.

Tips & Tricks of Working With Models

Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. My strengths have been for ideas and concepts and figuring out how to achieve those ideas and concepts. My weakness has always been with directing. Photographically I’m a voyeur. I’m an observer. I watch people in coffee shops, in parking lots, shopping, waiting for the bus, or sitting […]


This is another photo of my mother with her boy Maine Coon cat, Archie, and it got me thinking of something I read recently.

The Waiting

I finally got a chance to do pregnancy photos with my friend Lisa. I’ve got to say, photographing pregnant women is rather counter-intuitive. I mean… your’re photographing a woman and you want to emphasize the stomache? Lisa had this absolutely fantastic gynormous 5-foot reflective umbrella that made some gorgeous light. Basically it creates a 5-foot […]