From Beginning To End: Sagittarius – Part 2: The Shoot

Shoot days are normally about simply executing the concept. But there’s always things that happen during the shoot that evolve the concept and push it in unexpected directions and this was no different. As I mentioned in Part 1 I had my team of make-up artist in Nikki Reign, hair stylist of Malia Malir, and […]

Why Focal Lengths Matter

I’ve heard a lot of people say things like “a prime lens just means zooming with your feet”. There’s a small grain of truth in that, but focal lengths matter a great deal, especially in portraiture and it’s simply not a case of getting closer to or farther away from your subject. I figured I’d […]

Photoshop Tip – Brightening Eyes

I’ve been asked to share my technique for brightening eyes in post-production. This is a very simple technique, and I’ve learned several ways of doing it. My current favorite is to use the Screen Blending Mode on an Adjustment Layer. I like this technique because it’s exceptionally quick to set up, non-destructive, and you can […]