Photoshop Tip – Brightening Eyes

I’ve been asked to share my technique for brightening eyes in post-production. This is a very simple technique, and I’ve learned several ways of doing it. My current favorite is to use the Screen Blending Mode on an Adjustment Layer. I like this technique because it’s exceptionally quick to set up, non-destructive, and you can […]

Making Ghosts With Smoke

Last month I was contracted to take promotional photos for the wonderful women who run Espionage Cosmetics in Tacoma, WA for their new line of colors titled “Paranormal”. I wanted to tell some ghost stories and had the idea to combine a classic “double exposure” technique that has been around practically since the birth of […]

Wind Elemental

Last weekend I got together with model Becky Franklin who was home from college for Spring Break along with make-up artist Maddie Rose. The three of us have worked together several times, and each time it’s been magic. This time we decided to do something a bit darker. We decided to start a series of […]