From Beginning To End: Sagittarius – Part 2: The Shoot

Shoot days are normally about simply executing the concept. But there’s always things that happen during the shoot that evolve the concept and push it in unexpected directions and this was no different. As I mentioned in Part 1 I had my team of make-up artist in Nikki Reign, hair stylist of Malia Malir, and […]

Creating Your Photographic Style

I’ve heard a lot of people asking about creating a unique photographic style. It’s a question that is both insanely simple to answer (in my opinion… everyone has their own) and yet maddeningly complicated. The short answer is that you don’t. Let me repeat that. In my opinion you don’t create a photographic style any […]

Photographic Quote of the Day

I just got back from a vacation at Yellowstone National Park last week with my wife and in-laws. It was my first time visiting the world’s first National Park, and it was a really amazing experience. More on that in a later post. Having just got back in town yesterday, I started reading Susan Sontag’s […]

A Cycling Allegory

For those of you who don’t know me, I cycle to and from work every day (well… almost every day). Today as I was cycling home I was just exhausted. I had worked a half-day over the weekend, not gotten much sleep last night, and had to go in an hour early today, so I […]