From Beginning To End: Sagittarius – Part 2: The Shoot

Shoot days are normally about simply executing the concept. But there’s always things that happen during the shoot that evolve the concept and push it in unexpected directions and this was no different. As I mentioned in Part 1 I had my team of make-up artist in Nikki Reign, hair stylist of Malia Malir, and […]


The second of my Tuesday Night Open Studio nights I was approached by my friend Priya about working together to get some shots of her friend Katherine, a local singer/songwriter. She had a concept that she wanted to work together on, and I wanted to play with using light to throw textures, so we started […]

Wind Elemental

Last weekend I got together with model Becky Franklin who was home from college for Spring Break along with make-up artist Maddie Rose. The three of us have worked together several times, and each time it’s been magic. This time we decided to do something a bit darker. We decided to start a series of […]

Fur In Fashion

Last weekend I had scheduled another photo shoot with the wonderful Becky Franklin. We had originally planned to shoot on-location on the streets of Seattle. Unforgivably, however, we forgot that this is Seattle and it’s got a rep to protect, so of course it was pouring down rain. We had the incredible Maddie Hibbert helping […]

Panic! It’s Lighting!

Lighting is one of those things that really intimidates folks. It certainly intimidated me when I first got into it. But learning to see and control light is the cornerstone of taking your photography from snapshots to crazy-awesome photos. And I’m not necessarily talking about getting out strobes and speedlights. You can control lighting by […]