Becky Franklin Fashion Editorial Shoot

December 29, 2011

Becky Franklin - Windy Fashion

I recently did another fashion shoot with one of my favorite models, Becky Franklin while she was back home for the holidays from college. We wanted to go for several different looks including a fabric-blowing-in-the-breeze look, a more straight-up fashion editorial look, and an out-in-the-rain look. A friend of mine, the wonderful Colleen Willhight had yards and yards of this wonderful white fabric left over from her son’s wedding and she kindly let us borrow it for the shoot. I’ve been wanting to capture motion a lot more, so this seemed like a very nice and elegant way of doing it. Her brother, Pat, helped out a whole lot on the shoot and was great to work with. He helped me carry lights, toss fabric, and generally be awesome.

We shot these down on the University of Washington campus in Bothell where they’ve got a great little nature preserve area. I catch the bus that stops here to and from work every day and I’ve been dying to use it as a back-drop. The textures and colors are amazing and create a wonderful backdrop for this sort of work.

Becky Franklin - Windy Fashion Editorial
Becky Franklin - Windy Fashion Editorial

Next up was our more classic fashion editorial look and found this pathway with a nice little board-walk area that created a nice environment to work with.

Becky Franklin - Fashion Editorial
Becky Franklin - Fashion EditorialBecky Franklin - Fashion Editorial

Lastly we wanted to do an in-the-rain look. Unfortunately the weather decided to be uncooperative and it was overcast but dry. I brought along a spritz bottle so we used that to create the wet look, but could not create an actual rain effect as the droplets from the spritz bottle are just too fine to “read” as rain. I still really like the look and definitely want to explore it more.

Becky Franklin - Rain Fashion Editorial
Becky Franklin - Rain Fashion Editorial

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