Commercial Advertising Photography: Water Of The Gods

October 6, 2011

Commercial Advertising Photography - Water Of The Gods

I’ve been wanting to focus my business more on the commercial advertising market for a while now. I think my vision as well as my graphic design background best fits this niche. I’ve been told that you should put out the work you want to get, so I’ve decided to show clients that I can create ad campaigns using my photos. It’s a way of building my portfolio and showing potential clients how my more creative photography can mesh and meld with their brand to create a message that has impact and resonates with their customers.

I think it’s important to do something you’re passionate about. I’m passionate about connecting with people visually. Creating images that catch people’s eyes and make them want more, and I believe that can be a powerful tool to help businesses, non-profits, and those offering services that educate, empower, or thrill. It’s not about selling people something they don’t want or need. If someone doesn’t want a product, nothing you can say will convince them that they do. Sure you can occasionally pester someone into buying your product, but that’s not the kind of business most businesspeople want. They want a customer that connect emotionally with their product, with their service, with their message. I want to create images that help bridge that gap between cynical or wary potential customers and people who love a product, service, or idea. I understand that branding is a lot more than a logo or a catch-phrase. It’s about the philosophy that underlies a business, and I can help make that philosophy better and stronger. I don’t want to help sell products. I want to help connect great companies to people who love their products. And I want to use my photography and graphic design to do that.

This is from my shoot with the wonderful Priya and Sitara Alahan. I had talked with them about this particular image in the brainstorming phase, but this was a fun one to put together, and I believe it works for the ad as it has impact with viewers.

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