The 30 Day Challenge

September 2, 2011

I listen to an Australian-based business podcast called Small Marketing Big Marketing, and they interviewed Ed Dale, founder of the 30 Day Challenge. Ed set up the challenge to his followers to spend 30 days building their business with the goal being to make a single dollar.

Now, that doesn’t seem like a great return on investment for your time and energy, but the goal of the 30 days is much more about giving you the tools, and much more importantly the habits of building and marketing your business. And if you read my post yesterday about the interview with John Fried, you’ll know why I’m so stoked about this challenge. So far I’ve just been working on the Pre-Challenge modules, so I don’t have much of anything to report on how the challenge is going thus far, but I really like Ed’s style and ethos. We’ll see how successful this gets when the rubber meets the road.

Have you done The Challenge or know someone who has? How did it work for you/them?

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