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February 22, 2011

A while ago I did a post about which resources I find useful from around the interwebs. Here’s an updated addition to that list.

This is the podcast for the giant camera store, Adorama. There’s a fair amount of shilling gear, but there’s lots of good introduction-to-photography podcasts for the beginners, some great interviews with photographers, and some great hints, tips, and tricks.

Art of Photography
This is one I just discovered about 2 weeks ago, but I absolutely love it. They’re mostly pretty short videos on a specific topic, whether it’s introducing you to an amazing photographer, or a series of podcasts covering Ansel Adams’s Zone System.

Camera Dojo
This podcast is directed primarily towards wedding photographers, but covers a lot of the business of photography in general, and good practices of running a photography business and keeping inspired, gear reviews, etc. It’s a really good podcast, though I believe they tend to get stuck on the “bitching about uncle bobs with their cameras wanting to be professional photographers” topic a lot. Pretty much every guest they have that conversation with. But this rather minor point shouldn’t obscure the fact that this podcast is well worth listening to if you’ve got the time. Mostly they’re 1-hour long podcasts, so it’s definitely a “put on the headphones and listen to it while you’re doing something else” podcast.

Circuitous Conversations w/ Bill & Dan
I discovered this podcast from the Faded & Blurred podcast (see below). Circuitous Conversations isn’t strictly a photography podcast. Both Bill Wadman and Dan Gottesman do photography, though neither is a full-time photographer. They’ve both had major gallery shows, though they both have lots of other interests. Music is a big part of both of their lives, as is technology and science fiction, and as a result their conversations tend to be pretty random and tangential. But they’re extremely entertaining and insightful. It’s really nice hearing people who are nerdy about the same things I’m nerdy about chatting.

D-Town TV
This started out as a straight-up Nikon podcast, and even though I’m not a Nikon guy (Pentax, yo!), I still found it well worth listening and tuning in. Since that first season they’ve branched out to make it a general photography gear and tips podcast, hosted my Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski et al.

Faded & Blurred
Faded and Blurred has a whole lot of great articles and tutorials on their site and I was delighted to find their podcast, which is primarily interviews with various photographers. A good sources of inspiration!

LensWork is a black and white art-photography magazine located up near me in Anacortes, WA, and the podcast is just brilliant. They are short vignettes about photography done by Editor Brooks Jensen. You won’t find gear reviews or tutorials here. What you’ll find is a lot of talk about how to stay inspired and what it means to be a goo photographer, editor, and artist.

The Photofocus podcast is a Q&A podcast by pro photographer Scott Bourne. It’s well worth listening to, though the same questions do tend to pop up repeatedly again and again on the show. It’s another long one though, so find something to do while listening to it!

The Photographer & Model Podcast
This is a podcast that is pretty much right up my alley. It’s a podcast that is run by a photographer and a model and that’s what they talk about. The business of being a photographer and/or a model, the inspiration, etc. Each week they alternate (generally) between interviewing a photographer and a model, and though there’s a couple of stock questions and answers that I find irritating after a while. On the whole the podcast is great and well worth the 15-20 minutes per episode.

Photoshop Killer Tips
Photoshop killer tips is the shortest podcast on earth. Each episode, including intro and outro is about 2 minutes long. It’s literally a quick 1 minute photoshop tip. Some of them are ridiculous that everyone learns the first day of Photoshop class (press B to go to the Brush tool!), but you’ve not wasted much time, and there’s always some phenomenal tips out there (select an area when using the Liquify Tool to make the tool work a LOT faster).

This is a great podcast. Particularly if you’re a beginner to intermediate photographer. Jimmy Beltz does a great job of making photography easy to understand while not being condescending. Some people find his sense of humor off-putting (he’s a redneck… deal with it), and he occasionally will speak about his Christian faith which people also get offended by, though to his credit… he puts it at the end of the podcast and gives people LOTS of warning that he feels compelled to speak about his faith and if you’re not in to that, feel free to sign off, it won’t hurt his feeling. I always listen to them because I value his opinion and his viewpoint, even if I don’t share his faith. He’s started doing gear reviews, and he really breaks it down and shows you side-by-side comparisons. I also very much appreciate that he’s rigorously anti-brand war. For a long time he refused to tell people what brand of camera he used because he didn’t want to influence people. He also started his very successful photography business with a point and shoot camera.

Within The Frame
This was only a 20-episode podcast hosted by the incredible David DuChemin, and it’s finished, but it’s WELL worth watching the series. It’s mostly a review, critique, and discussion podcast where he helped photographers to achieve their vision for photographers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear some great critique from an incredible professional photographer.

What podcasts do you find useful?

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