Semi-Random Photography Business Tips

May 14, 2010

This is going to seem pretty random, but my theme for today’s post is about various photography business tips, so they’re all kind-of sort-of related. Bare with me.

First up, my friend Tasha, an incredible portrait, wedding and concert photographer in Chicago posted this great FAQ on her blog about Affording Your Wedding Photographer.

Next, I read this interesting post on Scott Bourne’s PhotoFocus blog about Who’s Your Audience. There’s somewhat of a dispute about this among photographers. On the one hand, I see what Scott’s saying, and in a certain way, he most definitely is correct. On the other hand, having your own vision and following your own vision rather than your audience’s will often lead to better results because, as Chase Jarvis says, “you’re not a monkey pushing the shutter release”. The client (or audience) is paying you for your vision, so I’d definitely agree with Scott (and Mr. Jarvis says this too) that you have to give the client what they want. Get that in the bag, but then take a little time to step away from what the audience wants and try something new and different.

And lastly, here’s a marvelous piece of advice that I found on David Ziser’s blog that talks not specifically about photography, but about success in a general sense. It’s a little overly-religious for me at the end, but it is very well worth it.

That’s it from me today. Have a great weekend!

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