This Stuff Ain’t Rocket Science

May 4, 2009

The biggest hurdle with learning to light is just deciding to do it. It’s math anxiety, or being afraid to walk across the room and invite a partner onto the dance floor in sixth grade, or just about anything else that has seemed intimidating — until you learned how to do it.
~ Strobist

I get amazed looks all the time from amatuer photographers who’ve never played with lighting. People get all doe-eyed and intimidated when I show them some of my photos. Then they nervously tell me that they wish they had a studio and some lights. It makes me laugh every time.

Egg Week

Egg, Day 3

I was listening to the Studio Lighting Podcast where they interviewed a photography instructor who challenged his students to do a lighting experiment on an egg. I thought it would be an interesting adaption to my photo-a-day project on Flickr to be an Egg-A-Day project for a week. Here’s the run-down.

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